Summer Reading Graduation- August 17, 2016

The kids missed their goal of 1100 hours but all had fun this summer!  37 kids graduated and received lots of goodies for their efforts.  And, three lucky ones got to get silly stringed by three of the graduates!  So 3 people got messy instead of the Library Manager!

Congratulations to all of our summer reading graduates!  They are:  Emerson, Esther and Wyatt Armstrong, Christine and Colin Campbell, Declan, Jeslyn and Tayden Church, Esther, Hannah and Levi Claxton, Cole, JJ and Keira Dean, Jason Diehl,  Ava Foster, Jennifer Forward, Damien Gaiser, Abigail and Amy Jacobs, Hailey Jennings, Landon Markowski, Liam and Sabrina Noble, Corey Olney, Kasey Riggall, Travis Rounds, Jeremiah Rutkowski, Owen Snyder, Alex and Sara Staelens, Lindsay Sternburg, Marlee and Paislee Stevens, Joshua and Samantha VanDusen, and Eric Zheng.  They read a total of 932.5 hours, not enough to turn the Library Manager into a human pizza but it was a very fun summer!  Thank you all!

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