Lucy, Lucky,and Louie- Our Library Lizards

We were very privileged to have Lucky come stay with us in March 2009 after the adults won the Winter Reading Program and voted on getting a library lizard as a pet.  Since being here, he learned to love his new family and his surroundings.  He loved participating in all the programs and reading every book on the shelves.

The winter of 2011 was a hard one for Lucky as he was now 10 years old (which is in lizard years, an old man).  He decided to spend the winter break from Christmas to New Year’s with his brother in South America in the town of Cumaná.  While he was there, he enjoyed himself too much and decided he wanted to retire there.  He sent his niece, Lucy, to come stay with us seeing she had never been in a library before, nor read a library book.  See the link below to read letter from him.

Lucy was very excited to come here.  When she came she was only a few months old.  She even had stripes!  She now has spots like her uncle.

But in February 2013, Lucy couldn’t handle being away from her family any longer.  She missed them SO much.  So she returned to Cumaná and sent her little brother, Louie, to live with us because he is MUCH more worldly and ready to be away from home than she was.  Louie was just a little guy but was definitely full of life!  (See Lucy’s goodbye letter below).Lucky’s letter of retirement
Lucky’s May 21, 2012 letter 
Lucky’s September 6, 2012 letter
Lucky’s November 1, 2012 letter
Lucky’s January 4, 2013 letter
Lucy and Lucky’s March 14, 2013 letter

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