Photography and Recording Policy

The Morrisville Public Library honors state and federal law and policy with respect to photographing, recording, broadcasting, and streaming images of the premises, patrons, and employees while on library property. For the sake of clarity, all such activity is referred to in this policy as “Recording.”

The Library will allow all Recording consistent with its Public Code of Behavior Policy and its mission to ensure information access, patron privacy, and library service. The Library reserves the right at all times to refuse any Recording that will negatively impact safety, patron privacy, employee work conditions or library operations. On that note, to respect patron privacy, filming, recording, and streaming in our small library is not allowed except by pre-arrangement with the Library Manager.  This is to ensure only consenting library users are included in the recording, and routine operations are not disturbed.

Based on the Open Meetings Law, Recording is allowed at all meetings of the Library’s Board of Trustees, except for executive sessions. Reasonable restrictions for safety and operational reasons apply.

Adopted September 19, 2023

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