Morrisville Public Library 2022 Budget Vote FAQ


1- How much are you asking for?
We are asking for $4324 for the 2022 fiscal year.  Total operating budget will be $140,101.

2-Why are we asking for more money?
The library needs a stable funding stream in order to provide the level of service that our community requires.  Currently, we have had to curtail some programs,  purchase less new materials (books and DVD’s), put off improvements and reduce staff to cover the cost of minimum wage, insurance and utility increases.

3-How will the money be spent?
The money will be used to operate the library (increases in minimum wage, utilities and insurance) and meet our community’s growing demands for programming and a greater selection of current books and DVD’s.

4-Why doesn’t the library seek more grant money and donations instead of raising my taxes?
Grants and donations are not predictable revenues on which to base an operating budget.  They are better forms of supplemental income.  Grants in particular are given to meet a specific need and are not usually available for the unrestricted funding of library services.

5-Why doesn’t the library charge for its services to cover its costs?
Free public libraries are a benefit to American democracy.  A library does not charge directly, but relies on local taxes, contributions and grants.  The library’s building, staff and resources all cost money, but the library services are too important to restrict to just those that can afford them.

6-I don’t even use the library, why should I pay for it?
Sorry to hear that.  Come and visit the library anytime, we are always looking to serve more residents.  We’d like everyone to take advantage of the library’s services, because there is something for everyone!  We are continually looking for ways to serve the needs of all community members and are always open to your input.  If you are unable to visit the library in person, you can still use the many resources from our webpage.  The library is an important community resource that adds desirability of living in this school district and increases the property value of your home.

8-When and where will the vote take place?
The vote will be on Tuesday May 18, 2021 at the ER Andrews Elementary School gymnasium, Eaton St. Morrisville from 10:00am to 8:00pm.

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