Virtual Chick Incubation and Hatching 2020

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Thanks to Madison County 4-H Youth Development and Rudy Brouillette, the library will be doing a VIRTUAL egg hatching event again this year!!! 🐣 We will have live posts of egg candling etc. during the 21 day incubation process, 24 hour LIVE Facebook events of the hatching process (which will be the weekend of July 4th) and a hatched chick cam of the babies for you all to view! Stay tuned to our Facebook page as the eggs start their process Saturday June 13! Sure to be an “egg”citing event and cheep cheep fun! 🐥

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CLICK the links below as they become active to see the entire process!

Eggs Being Placed in the Incubator (Saturday June 13 at 8am)

First Candling Event (Thursday June 18)

Second Candling Event (Wednesday June 24 at 11:30am)

Third (and final) Candling Event (Monday June 29 at 10:00am)

Final turning the eggs for the chicks to begin preparation for hatching (Tuesday June 30 at 9pm)

Join us on Facebook Live as we will do 24 hour recordings of the babies as they hatch! We will also have a hatched cam so you can view the babies after they are removed from the incubator as they start to play, eat and enjoy each other!

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