Summer Reading Program 2012

Summer Reading Program 2012

Summer Reading is over!  We had 45 kids graduate this year out of 96 who signed up!  We also had 21 adults sign up for our adult summer reading!  A total of 117 participated!  AWESOME and congrats to all of you!

The children  read a total of 1037 hours.  34 out fo the 45 kids read more than the required 10 hours.  GREAT JOB!  The graduates are:

Indigo and Silas Bemont, Kayden Chamberlin, Jayden and Jeslyn Church, Esther, Hannah, Levi and Noah Claxton, James and Lincoln Dapson, Jennifer and Toby Forward, Alejandro Fuentes-Lamb, Darren and Kirsten Grabow, Ariana Hilliard, Xenia Kirby, Shawna and Taylor Manwarren, Kirston and Landon Markowski, Joah and Olivia McCoy, Lyla O’Hara, Jeanna and Paul Pittman, Ryan Selinsky, Benjamin and Ian Smith, Jesse Smith, Molly-Anne Smith, Avery and Owen Snyder, Allison, Lindsay and MacKenzie Sternburg, Paislee Stevens, Calixto and Nick Suarez, Andrew and Theresa Vedder, Bailey Woodruff, Darren and Eric Zheng.

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