Vacation Days for Staff Policy

The week off from December 25 through January 1 is a right of all employees regardless of status of employment.  Employee will be paid according to their normal weekly hours.

Six months from the date of hire employees will be eligible for a second week of paid vacation equivalent to their normal weekly hours.  The Library Manager’s prior approval is needed to take such days.

Vacation use will be credited in days, not hours.  Therefore, no different consideration will be given to a 3 hour work shift, than to a 6 hour work shift.

If an employee does not use the entire vacation time by December 31 of each year, employee will forfeit any unused hours.

After five years of service at the Morrisville Public Library an employee will receive another week of paid vacation.

Anyone who leaves the employ of the Library will lose any unused vacation time.

Adopted September 20-2005

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