Telephone Use Policy

The Library telephone should be answered with an identifying statement, such as, “This is the Morrisville Public Library. How may I help you?”

Incoming telephone calls should be picked up by the third ring during Open hours of the Library. If the staff member on duty is busy with a patron, he/she should excuse him/herself in order to answer the telephone. However, a patron should not be left waiting while a very long telephone call is taken.

If the caller requires lengthy assistance and there are patrons waiting at the circulation desk, a message should be taken and the call returned, or the caller can be asked if he/she would mind waiting for more than a few minutes. If necessary, another staff member should be asked to assist.

The staff member on duty at the circulation desk should not be out of hearing of the telephone while on duty. Another staff member should be asked to monitor the circulation desk if a brief temporary absence is necessary.

Telephone calls requiring basic assistance such as book renewals, information regarding library hours, etc. should be handled by the staff member on duty at the circulation desk.

Telephone calls which require a policy decision such as waiving of overdue fines should be referred to the Library Manager.

Telephone calls from government officials, reporters or sales representatives should be referred to the Library Manager.

The Library telephone may be used for brief local personal telephone calls as necessary. Lengthy personal and long distance calls should be made from the staff member’s home telephone.

We have only one phone line which is intended for business use. Patrons may use it for emergency calls only. No long distance calls will be authorized except in an extreme emergency. Please ask family and friends not to call you here unless for utmost importance.

Failure to follow and abide by this policy may result in poor evaluations by the Library Manager or further disciplinary action as stated in Section (I) of the Library Personal Policy.

Revised and approved July 19, 2005

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