Social Media Policy (for staff, trustees & volunteers)

At the Morrisville Public Library, we understand that social media can be a fun and rewarding way to share your life and opinions with family, friends, and co-workers around the world.  However, use of social media also presents certain risks and carries with it certain responsibilities.  Social media (including personal and professional websites, blogs, chat rooms and bulletin boards; social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, video-sharing sites such as YouTube; and e-mail) are a common means of communication and self-expression.  Because online postings can conflict with the interests of the Morrisville Public Library and its patrons, the library has adopted the following policy.

The definition of social media includes all means of communicating or posting information or content of any sort on the Internet, including to your own or someone else’s web log or blog, journal or diary, personal web site, social networking or affinity site, web bulletin board or chat room, whether or not associated or affiliated with the Morrisville Public Library, as well as any other form of electronic communication.

Employees, trustees and volunteers of the Morrisville Public Library should pay particular care in the context of social media.  Employees, trustees and volunteers should not maintain a blog or any social media site that discusses Library business in a derogative or negative way.  All should be respectful of the confidentiality of patrons and of their co-workers and should not make disparaging or harassing remarks about any co-worker, trustee, volunteer or patron.  Always be fair and courteous to fellow co-workers, patrons, trustees and volunteers and others who work on behalf of the library.  Keep in mind that you are more likely to resolve work related complaints by speaking directly to the person involved.  Library staff in particular should use best business practice and veer from adding patrons as “friends” on social media sites unless they indeed are friends outside of work with the people.  (Friends meaning go to places together, visit each other’s homes etc.)

Employees, trustees and volunteers are not allowed to disclose information that are financial, operational and legal in nature, as well as any information that pertains to patrons.  Also, do not to publish, post or release any information that is considered confidential or not public.  If there are questions about what is considered confidential (or appropriate), you should check with the Library Manager. Everyone should get appropriate permission before you refer to or post images of current or former employees, trustees or volunteers.

Library staff are not to participate in social media during working hours on any of the library computers (staff or public) unless they are on a designated break in which case it may be done on public computers only.  The exception:  the Library Manager who manages the library’s social media sites and is the social media manager of the library. 

The Morrisville Public Library will not be held liable for any repercussions the employees’ content may generate.  You are solely responsible for what you post online.

Morrisville Public Library prohibits taking negative action against an employee, trustee or volunteer for reporting a possible deviation from this policy or for cooperating in an investigation.  Any person who retaliates against another employee, trustee, volunteer or patron for reporting a possible deviation from this policy or for cooperating in an investigation will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Failure to follow by this policy may result in disciplinary action which may include being terminated from employment, the board of trustees or volunteering at the library.

Patrons are personally responsible for their commentary. Patrons should be aware that they may be held personally liable for commentary that is defamatory, obscene, proprietary or libelous by any offended party, not just the Library.

adopted September 21, 2017

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