Public Code of Behavior

The purpose of the library’s Public Code of Behavior is to:

             -protect the rights of individuals using library services.
             -assist staff members in conducting library business effectively.
             -preserve library materials and facilities.

The Library Board of Trustees established these and other rules so everyone can share the library and its resources in a clean, safe and welcoming environment.  It is based on federal, state and local laws and ordinances as applicable, including those related to “Public Order” and “Criminal Mischief” (NYS Penal Law, Arts. 145 & 240) and “Obscenity and Public Sensibilities” (NYS Penal Law, Arts. 235 & 245).  Activities that would be in violation of any of these are prohibited.

Acceptable library behavior falls into three categories:

Behavior, dress and personal hygiene must be appropriate for a public place of business.

Behavior that restricts library use by other patrons is not acceptable.

Behavior that interferes with the duties of library staff is not acceptable.

Weapons are NOT ALLOWED in the library, except those carried by sworn New York or Federal law enforcement officers.

Patrons must treat library materials, furniture and equipment with care and use them as intended.

Patrons may not enter non-public work areas unless escorted by library staff.

Theft, attempted theft or damage of materials, furnishings, equipment or premises will be prosecuted according to New York State Law.

As a consequence for violating code, library staff may:

             -require violators to leave the premises.
             -call the police.
             -recommend the Library Manager bar a patron from the library.

Patrons should notify library staff with questions or concerns regarding violations of this code.

Adopted 12-23-93  Amended 3-16-10; 7-19-12, 7-19-2018, 9-20-18

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