Patron Complaints

Each patron who expresses a complaint shall be treated with respect and assured by the staff person or volunteer who takes the complaint that the patron’s concerns will be given every consideration.

Each complaint shall be referred to the Library Manager.

Patron shall be asked if they wish to fill out a patron request form which shall then be given to the Manager.

Under no circumstances shall a volunteer or staff member attempt to resolve a serious complaint on their own.  Such issues as challenges to materials, confidentiality issues or any other complaint with legal implications shall be referred to the Manager who, shall in turn, notify the President of the Board of Trustees as soon as possible.

The President of the Board of Trustees shall decide if a special meeting is necessary and take steps to ensure that such a meeting is properly called.

For those situations carrying legal implications the Board of Trustees shall seek legal counsel before taking any formal action with regard to such a complaint.

The patron will be notified of the Board’s decision regarding their complaint as soon as possible.

Adopted 1-23-94

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