Movie License Policy

The Morrisville Public Library will allow other groups and organizations to co-sponsor a movie with us.  All interested parties must notify the Library Manager of the movie they would like to co-sponsor.  The Library Manager will make sure that the movie is one we have a license for and that the date is free to show it.  The Library Manager will also notify the board to get their approval to show said movie.  The board will make the final decision as to if the movie can be shown or not.

The organization or group must fill out a program room contract after the Library Manager has approved the date and the board has approved the movie.  All criteria in the program room contract must be followed by the organization.

The organization or group that wishes to show the movie with the library, must understand that it has to be shown in our program room (not outside on our property) or at another site as per our license agreement.  The organization must pay for the popcorn used at the event and must pay the library before the end of the event.  The library will not provide any other refreshments. 

The group or organization will do all the marketing for the movie and the library will gladly hang up a poster in house and post on social media and our website.  The Morrisville Public Library will not show a movie if they are not listed as one of the sponsors on all the marketing materials.

All technology and popcorn equipment will be provided by the library and will only be operated by library staff. 

Adopted July 19, 2018

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