Freedom of Information (FOIL) Policy

New York State’s Freedom of Information Law (Public Officers Law §87 et.seq.) allows members of the public to access records of public libraries.  FOIL provides a process for the review and copying of a library’s records.  More information about the Freedom of Information Law can be found at:

Freedom of Information Requests for Morrisville Public Library records may be made by mail to: Library Manager, Morrisville Public Library, PO Box 37, Morrisville NY 13408.

Fee for duplication of records:  Morrisville Public Library charges the statutorily permitted fee of $.25 per page for duplication of records requested under FOIL (Public Officers Law §87[1][b][iii]).  There is no provision in law or regulation for waiver of this fee.  Payment must be made to the Morrisville Public Library by check or money order.  Payment should not be submitted until you are notified that your request is granted and informed of the charge for your request.

Inspection of Records:  Morrisville Public Library records are available for inspection at no cost to the public.  Requests must be in writing and addressed to the address above.  The Library Manager will acknowledge receipt and schedule an appointment at a mutually convenient date and time for inspection.  Records or portions thereof which are prohibited from disclosure pursuant to FOIL will be redacted or omitted; the requestor will be notified of the reason(s) for the redaction(s).  Inspection records are by appointment during library hours.

FOIL Appeal Procedures: Any person denied access to a record may within thirty days appeal in writing to: Library Board President, Morrisville Public Library, PO Box 37, Morrisville NY 13408.

Adopted October 20, 2011

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