Fine Collection Policy

Patrons are responsible for the replacement cost of library materials that are declared lost/damaged.  (See our Lost Book Policy).

As a courtesy, if patrons have signed up for our email notices program, they will be sent a reminder due date for circulating materials via email, three days before an item is due.

Fine rates:  Books and books on tape/CD are on loan for 3 weeks (with automatic renewal for another 6 weeks).  Videos and DVD’s are on loan for 1 week (with no renewals). Music CD’s are on loan for 1 week (with automatic renewal for another 2 weeks.)

Paying of lost/damaged library fines can be done 3 different ways.  1- Through the online catalog, patrons can log into their accounts and pay their fines by credit card.  2- In person at the library by cash or check (by mail-check only).  3- Talk to the Library Manager about offering services, items or volunteering of time to eradicate their fines.

Fine Collection:

If the patron owes fewer than twenty dollars ($20) in fines, his/her account is completely useable.

If the patron owes over twenty dollars ($20), he/she is not allowed to take any materials out of the library.  They must pay the fine down until they owe $19.99 to be able to use their account.

If a patron owes a lot of money or is unable to pay, they may request a meeting with the Library Manager to arrange a payment plan.

Fines owed to other libraries:

The Morrisville Public Library will collect fines from other libraries.  These monies are property of the Morrisville Public Library.  If the fines on a patron’s account are for lost/damaged materials, the library staff MUST ask the patron to contact the library where the fines originated.  Or they may use the web catalog’s online payment method to pay by credit card.  The collected monies through this method will be distributed automatically to the proper library.

Review of fines:

Before fines are charged and when items are 3 days overdue, the Library Staff will give a courtesy call to all who have items overdue.  If the patron is signed up for email notices; a phone call will not be made.  The library is not responsible for incorrect phone numbers.

The Library Manager will weekly compare fines recorded as received by the staff with the cash register tape totals, bank deposits and Workflows weekly report.  The Library Manager will determine if the amounts recorded and deposited are reasonable and consistent.

Every month, the Library Manager will receive a report from the Mid York Library System detailing the items that have been charged to patron accounts because they have not been returned.

Every year the Library Manager will compile these monthly reports and any patron who owes more than $50 will have their account “barred” in Workflows until they either return the material or pay the fine.

Adopted November 20, 2014; updated on March 21, 2019

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