Employee Sick Leave Policy

A.    After the mandatory three month probationary period, all employees earn one sick day a month.  Sick time must be used as a whole day not as hours.

B.    A staff member may accrue up to 24 days of sick time.  After that they lose any unused time.

C.    A staff member who has exhausted his/her sick leave allowance must take unpaid leave. After 24 consecutive days of sick or unpaid leave, the Library must hire another employee for that position.

D.     Sick Time Uses

Staff members may use their sick time for the following purposes:
1.    Personal illness, which is uncomfortable or hazardous to the individual or others with whom contact is made.

2.    Visits to medical practitioners.

3.    Illness in the immediate family.

4.    When additional time off is needed because of death in family.

In the event of illness which precludes attendance at work, you must call the Library no later than your normal starting hour. Similarly, if you must leave work because of illness, speak to or leave word with the Library Manager.

E.     Doctors Notes

A doctor’s note will be required by the Library Manager for the following reasons:
1.    Illness causing intermittent absences.

2.    Illness for which there is no apparent medical problems or symptoms and in which is characterized by a pattern of absences.

3.    Returning to work after recovering form a contagious disease

4.    To certify that an ill or injured person is ready to return to work.

There is no payment for unused sick leave upon dismissal, resignation, or retirement.
Adopted 6-17-2003

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