Emergency Procedures

In the event that the fire alarm sounds, or if an emergency situation is declared by the Library Manager, or a fire or building emergency occurs requiring evacuation, staff members should direct all staff and patrons to nearest exits, then proceed to exit themselves.  No one should re-enter the building until emergency personnel and the Library Manager have cleared the Morrisville Public Library.  To insure swift clearing of the building, unannounced fire drills will be conducted periodically.

Emergency phone numbers are posted on the staff bulletin board.  In the event of an emergency, the staff member on duty will notify the Library Manager and if unavailable the Board President.  If neither can be reached, the Vice-President of the Board of Trustees shall be contacted.  In the event the Vice-President cannot be reached any board member should be contacted.  A list of the current Board of Trustees can be found on the staff bulletin board.

Fire extinguishers are located in the front of the library by the old front door, in the staff work room near the network shelves and next to the kid’s area in the middle room.  There is also one at the top of the stairs and in the hallway next to the upstairs bathroom.  In the new addition, they are behind the circulation desk, next to the interior door in the program room and by the back exit door.

Adopted 12-22-93

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