Displays, Bulletin Boards & Posted Notices

The library posts informational flyers and posters as space permits.  Items posted are limited to those which promote significant civic, cultural, and educational activities and information of interest to the community.  Items promoting private, political, religious or commercial activities are not eligible for posting.  In all cases, shoddy and/or sloppy flyers, posters, etc. are rejected.  The library is obligated to maintain an esthetically pleasing appearance.

All items to be posted must be approved beforehand by the Library Manager.  Confirmation of availability of space and approvals for posting will be made by the library as soon as practical.

Posters display by charitable enterprises may be permitted, if the announced activity is not deemed by the library to be of political or religious purpose.

Notices of upcoming events are usually not posted more than two weeks in advance due to our lack of space and need for constant rotation of items posted.

Items offered for special display shall receive approval from the Manager and every effort shall be made to ensure that the items are cared for properly.

Adopted 12-22-93

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