Credit Card Use Policy

The Library Manager will receive a business credit card and is held responsible for the security of the card, as well as the privacy of company-related information. This responsibility should include keeping the card in a secure location, protecting the card personal identification number and reviewing statements for fraudulent activity. Company credit cards should never be used by anyone other than the cardholder. Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the card issuer and the company as soon as possible.

Spending Limits

Company credit cards should include spending limits in accordance with the anticipated needs of the library. These limits should be communicated to the Library Manager, at the time of issuance, and strictly observed. The Library Manager should ensure that usage does not exceed this limit or incur over-limit penalties or fees. Company credit cards should never be used for cash advances.

Any expenses that are over $250.00 need to be authorized by the treasurer or President.  Every transaction needs to be recorded on a voucher.


The credit card is to be used by authorized users for expenses for the Library only. Credit purchases can be for anything within all budget lines as long as the total amount does not exceed $250.  (All items over $250 must be authorized –see above.)


The monthly statement for the Credit Card is to be reviewed by the treasurer and the CPA to reconcile the vouchers to the transactions.

Signed Agreement

Prior to initial receipt of any credit card, each individual must agree to and sign the  “Agreement for Use of Bank Credit Card” Form below.

Agreement for Use of Bank Credit Card

This card is issued to you on a temporary basis, and remains the sole property of the bank from which it was issued. The right to use this card may be revoked at any time without warning by the issuing bank authority or by the Morrisville Public Library Manager or Board of Trustees.

By accepting this card it is understood that you are personally responsible for any unauthorized or inappropriate use of the purchasing card. _________________________________________________________________________

I have read and fully understand and accept my personal responsibilities and liabilities involving the use of the bank credit card issued to me. I further understand that any inappropriate use of the card may result in disciplinary action.

Card Issued:                                       Number:

Card Holder Signature:



Signature of Witness:



Adopted November 20, 2014; amended on March 19, 2015

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