Children at Work Policy

The Morrisville Public Library values our employees and allows them to bring their children or grandchildren to work. We understand the costs of childcare and how difficult it is to work while paying for care of your children.  We also understand that this is a public building and children are expected on the premises.

Employees may bring any age child- from birth through school age to work.  If the child can read, he/she cannot be behind the circulation desk (as per our circulation desk computer policy).

As per our unattended children’s policy, the employee must supervise his/her child at all times if he/she is under the age of 6.  Ages 7-10 can be in the library at all times as long as the employee is on the premises.  Ages 11 and older may use the library independently provided they follow the library’s policies set for all patrons.

An older child can look after a younger child.  As per the American Red Cross babysitting guidelines, we must insist the older child is at least 11 years of age.  In this case, the employee understands that the older child is “babysitting” and the employee is only there if needed.

Children can fill out a volunteer application and become volunteers at the age of fourteen (exceptions for younger children can be made by the Library Manager).

If the behavior of the child interferes with the parent’s ability to perform their job description, then the employee will meet with the Library Manager or the Board President as appropriate.  Together, they will work toward something that benefits the library and the employee.

Failure to follow and abide by this policy may result in poor evaluations by the Library Manager or further disciplinary action as stated in Section (I) of the Library Personal Policy.

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