Book Sale Policy

The Annual, Fall and Spring Book Sales are fundraising projects of the library.  Books and other materials for the sale will be stored in the book storage room in the front of the Morrisville Public Library.

The Library Manager assumes responsibility for reviewing and determining which materials remain for use in and for the direct benefit of the Morrisville Public Library.  The Library Manager is the only one to decide which materials can be recycled and removed from the sale.

In addition, the Library Manager will find a volunteer who will head the preparation, work the sale etc.  The Library will promote, schedule, help set up and implement the three annual Book Sales.  The Trustees should plan to help set up, tear down and assist as needed with each of the sales.

The Library Manager reserves the right to schedule, promote, manage, and implement other fundraising events, including the sale of books and other reading materials.  The Morrisville Public Library retains any proceeds earned during these sales.

Amended by the Board of Trustees on 3/17/22

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