School District Library

What is a school district library?

We are often asked if we are considered a “school district” library than the library is governed by the school board?  The Library is run by the school?  The library is part of the school district and follows the school’s laws and regulations?  The answer to all this is NO!  Below is the definition of a school district library taken from “The Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State, 2010”.

“A school district library is organized to serve the residents who live within the boundaries of a given school district (hence the name).  The library and the library board are independent of the school district and the school board.  The school district is responsible for the collection of taxes and for the issuance of municipal bonds for construction on the library’s behalf.  The separation of powers between the local boards of education and school district library boards is detailed in Education Law Section 260.”

When the library was a Village Library, we served the Village of Morrisville only.  By becoming a school district library, we were able to expand our service area to all the residents in the Morrisville Eaton Central School District.

If you have any further questions, please contact the library and ask to speak to the Library Manager or email

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